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New 100% celled algae and high protein species for partial or complete algae replacement and supplement and rotifer culture diet.

A revolutionary algae replacement is now available for complete or partial use.  Composed of heterotrophic and phototrophic species, vitamins, attractants, and pigmentation, new AlgaMac Protein Plus is the latest addition to Aquafauna Bio-Marine's "AlgaMac" series of high quality diets.  Preparation and application is easy.  All cells are sub-10 micron and is shipped as a dry powder composed of a variety of whole cell, broken cell and cell components with some cells intentionally fractured to improve digestibility.

Excellent for finfish, shrimp, crustacean culture and rotifer culture, new AlgaMac Protein Plus.

  • Live algae replacement and supplement for finfish, shrimp and bivalves.
  • Excellent algal background diet for use as stand-alone or as a supplement to live algae providing high DHA, phosopholipids and carbohydrates for larval growth and development of crustacean and finfish culture.
  • Excellent over-wintering substitute algal diet for bivalve spat and maturation conditioning of broodstock.
  • Excellent rotifer culture diet.
  • A fraction of the cost of producing live algae. 


I. Physical Characteristics Dark brown powder

II. Qualitative/quantitative formula of composition, (expressed in percentages).

Proximate Analysis  % weight
Protein 42.9
Fat 21.0
(by calculation)
Ash 12.4
Moisture 6.0
Calories (by calcuation) 411 cal/100gr
III. Shelf life Product should be stored at temperatures <50F (10C).  When properly stored, this product has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.
IV. Commercial presentation
Vacuum packed foil bags.
1 kilogram per bag. 10 bags (10kg) /carton
V. Packing Vacuum packed in resealable foil bags.
Fatty Acid Profile
Name Fatty Acid

(% TFA)

Myristate 14:0 8.514
Myristoleate 14:1(n-5) 0.39
Palmitate 16:0 24.189
Palmitoleate 16:1 (n-7) 1.397
Stearate 18:0 1.310
Oleate 18:2(n-6) 6.899
Linoleate 18:2(n-6) 6.739
Arachidate 20.00 0.205
Linolenate 18:3(n-3) 0.753
Eicosatrienoic-11 20:1(n-9) 6.548
Stearidonate 18:49(n-3) .290
Eicosadienoate-11,14 20:2(n-6) .032
Behenate 22:00 .114
Eicosatrienoate-11,14,17 20:3(n-3) .021
Arachidonate/Erucate 20:4(n-6)/22:1(n-9) .178
Nervonate 24:1(n-9) .046
Eicosapentaenoate (EPA) 20:3(n-3) .038
Docosapentaenoate (DPA) 22:5(n-6) .382
Docosahexaenoate (DHA) 22:6(n-3) 36.230


Cell components are in a variety of sizes due to the way each component is inactivated and dried.  

To prepare and hydrate the algae mix:

  1. Emulsify Algamac Protein Plus in fresh or salt water by blending in an electric blender for a couple of minutes then sieve through a 50 micron mesh to remove the fractionated foam.

  2. Apply at a rate of 0.5 grams AlgaMac Protein Plus per million rotifers twice a day.



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