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SUPER FRESH CHLORELLA SV-12 has been developed especially for Rotifer cultivation.
Each cell of SV12 Chlorella contains DHA, EPA AND VITAMIN B-12 ensuring optimal enrichment.

  • Chlorella SV-12 for Rotifer cultivationContains DHA and EPA required by MARINE FRY
  • SV12 CHLORELLA contains Vitamin B-12, assuring healthy Rotifer production
  • SV12 is a highly condensed solution of live Chlorella cells. Use of SV12 can reduce labour and production costs and SV12 is suitable for High and Low Density Rotifer cultivaiton
  • Rotifer cultivation with SV12 is VERY STABLE
  • New improved 45 day shelf life





  • Dry Net Weight: > 135g/l
  • EPA: >2% (of total fatty acids)
  • DHA: 17 +/- 2% (of total fatty acids)
  • Vitamin B-12: > 320µg/l
  • Container Volume: 20 litres
  • Cell Size: 3 - 6 micron



Suggested Rotifer Cultivation Plan

  First Dosage Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
1000 1500 2600 4000
SV-12 Dosage M: 1.5 Litres M.: 1.5 Litres M: 2.0 Litres * Refer to Rotifer Analysis below
E: 1.5 Litres E: 1.5 Litres E: 2.0 Litres

M = Morning - E = Evening
S-Type Rotifer
Tank Volume: 10T
Water Temperature: 24°Celcius




Typical Rotifer Analysis Table

Lipid Total EPA (20.5) DPA (22.5) DHA (22.6) • Lipid Values is the ratio to dry net weight
12.7% 4.1% 5.8% 10.5% • EPA, DPA, DHA % age to total fatty acids




  Pantothenic Acid 2.5mg   Fatty Acid
(Total Lipid Content : 22.1%)
Fat 13.2% Folic Acid 0.04mg
Fibre 0.5% Biotin 0.5mg C14 0.6%
CHO 24.3% Inositol 200mg C16 PALMITIC ACID 14.4%
ASH 7.2% Choline 350mg C16:1 2.0%
  Arginine 2.82g C16:2 8.1%
Lysine 2.82g C18 0.6%
Chlorophyll 2.6mg Histidine 1.05g C18:2 LINOLEIC (ω6) 18.8%
Carotene 68mg Phenylalanine 4.8g C18:3 LINOLENIC (ω3) 13.7%
Xanthrophill 92mg Tyrosine 1.51g C 20:5 E P A 8.5%
Calcium 250mg Leucine 3.92g C22:5 D P A 4.0%
Magnesium 240mg Isoleucine 1.98g C22:6 D H A 15.0%
Iron 150mg Methionine 0.55g Lipid Class
Potassium 1000mg Valine 2.87g
Phosphorus 1950mg Alanine 3.70g Clycolipid 36%
  Glycine 2.95g Phospholpid 25%
Proline 1.60g Neutral Lipid 36%
Vitamin B12 0.4mg   Glutamic Acid 7.35g  
Vitamin B2 6.5mg Serine 1.89g  
Vitamin B6 1.0mg Threonine 2.06g  
Vitamin C 51mg Aspartic Acid 4.37  


Tryptophan 1.04g  
y-Tocopherol 19mg   Cystine 0.51g  

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pdf Super Fresh Chlorella SV-12

pdf Continuous Rotifer Cultivation with SV-12


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