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Rotifer cultivation


SUPER FRESH CHLORELLA SV-12 has been developed especially for Rotifer cultivation. Each cell of SV12 Chlorella contains DHA, EPA AND VITAMIN B-12 ensuring optimal enrichment. list Contains DHA and EPA required by MARINE FRY

list SV12 CHLORELLA contains Vitamin B-12, assuring healthy Rotifer production

list SV12 is a highly condensed solution of live Chlorella cells. Use of SV12 can reduce labour and production costs and SV12 is suitable

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Emerald Chlorella Power

list Spray dried fine Chlorella powder

list Axenic culture production (Patented process)

list Economical

list Designed for high and low density rotifer


list Long shelf life

list Stable production

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A revolutionary algae replacement is now available for complete or partial use. Composed of heterotrophic and phototrophic species, vitamins, attractants, and pigmentation, new AlgaMac Protein Plus is the latest addition to Aquafauna Bio-Marine's "AlgaMac" series of high quality diets. Preparation and application is easy. All cells are sub-10 micron and is shipped as a dry powder composed of a variety of whole cell, broken cell and cell components with some cells intentionally fractured to improve digestibility.

Excellent for finfish, shrimp, crustacean culture and rotifer culture, new AlgaMac Protein Plus.

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