Algamac 3050

Algamac 3050

Live Algae replacement – substitute. Nutrient-rich technologies for improving survival, disease resistance, growth and development in crustacea, finfish and molluscs through hygienically safe, cost effective diets with superior levels of DHA.


  • Artemia / Rotifer Enrichment
  • Live Algae Replacement
  • Formula Ingredient
  • Direct Feeding (not recommended)
  • Sound nutritional profile
  • High percentage of lipids
  • Extremely high levels of DHA (22:6w3)
  • Good buoyancy characteristics
  • Increased Growth & Survival Rates
    Nutritionally balanced with amino acids, vitamins & minerals like AlgaMac-3000, BUT with more than twice the DHA. Use it the same way you use AlgaMac-3000.
  • Reduction in Live Algae Costs
    Like AlgaMac-3000, AlgaMac-3050 flake can partially substitute your live algae production and save up to 80% (Considering reduced labor and overhead requirements for live algae production).
  • Highest in Omega-3 (DHA)
    Ideal for Artemia or Rotifer enrichment in cold or warm water (Rotifers only). You can’t find a more powerful diet for increased growth and survival.
  • Easy to Use
    No messy oils. AlgaMac-3050 is a dry, simple to use powder. The spray dried cells display high stability in suspension and maintains excellent water quality characteristics.



Feeding Protocols

Mix measured amount of AlgaMac-3050 with either fresh or saltwater in electric blender for 1-2 minutes or until completely emulsified. Flake particles break down into individual cells (6-8 microns). When blending is complete, strain through sub-80 micron mesh to eliminate any foam.
Transfer newly hatched Artemia nauplii to an enrichment tank with clean, filtered seawater. Maximum density of Artemia should not exceed 100,000 nauplii per liter of water. Add the prepared AlgaMac-3050 mixture to the enrichment tank at a rate of 0.2 grams per liter (per 100,000 nauplii). Aerate enrichment tank vigorously so that oxygen levels exceed 4ppm during the 12 hours of enrichment. Harvest the enriched Artemia nauplii after 12 hours. If higher levels of DHA are desired, repeat enrichment process by adding another 0.2 grams per liter for an additional 12 hours.
Ratio of Application: 0.2 grams / liter / 100,000 nauplii / 12 hour enrichment period
Enrichment for Rotifers
  1. Hydrate dry ALGAMAC-3050 powder in fresh or saltwater (preferably fresh) and mix in a blender for one minute or until completely emulsified. Up to 30 grams of dry product per liter may be emulsified at one time.
  2. Strain off any excess surface foam. The mixture is now ready for use as indicated below. ALGAMAC-3050 prepared by this procedure will produce particle sizes of under 10 microns.
  3. Transfer harvested rotifers to an enrichment tank with clean, filtered seawater. Maximum density of rotifers should not exceed 500,000 rotifers per liter of seawater. Add the prepared ALGAMAC-3050 mixture to the enrichment tank at a rate of 300 mg per 1,000,000 rotifers. Aerate vigorously so that oxygen levels exceed 4.0 ppm during the 8 hours of enrichment. If higher levels of DHA are desired, repeat enrichment process by adding another 300 mg ALGAMAC-3050 per 1,000,000 rotifers for an additional 8 hours.
Ratio of Application: 300 mg ALGAMAC-3050 per 1,000,000 rotifers.
Please note: The applications rate is only a suggested formula and users should conduct their own optimization rates for AlgaMac-3050 since it contains higher levels of DHA than the AlgaMac-2000 product.
When enriching with AlgaMac-3050, continue to feed the rotifers 35% of the normal application of live algae and/or culture diets normally used. This will provide sufficient proteins and carbohydrates for proper metabolism during the enrichment period.
Typical symptoms of dysfunctional metabolilsm due to high fat enrichment are lethargic activity of the rotifers at the 5-6 hour after enrichment begins. With the continued application of live algae or culture diets at one third normal feeding rates, the rotifers will uptake the enrichment properly.”
Blend AlgaMac-3050 for 1-2 minutes in order to break down flake to individual cell sizes and begin replacing live algae with small amounts of AlgaMac-3050. Adjust your live algae/AlgaMac-3050 ratio based on observation of animal feeding.
Direct Feeding – Not for use as a direct Feed.
Formula Ingredients:
Add AlgaMac-3050 into other wet feeds and liquid formula diets you are currently for substantial increases in DHA levels.