Super Fresh Chlorella SV-12

Super Fresh Chlorella SV-12

SUPER FRESH CHLORELLA SV-12 has been developed especially for Rotifer cultivation.
Each cell of SV12 Chlorella contains DHA, EPA AND VITAMIN B-12 ensuring optimal enrichment.


  • Contains DHA and EPA required by MARINE FRY
  • SV12 CHLORELLA contains Vitamin B-12, assuring healthy Rotifer production
  • SV12 is a highly condensed solution of live Chlorella cells. Use of SV12 can reduce labour and production costs and SV12 is suitable for High and Low Density Rotifer cultivaiton
  • Rotifer cultivation with SV12 is VERY STABLE
  • New improved 45 day shelf life
  • Dry Net Weight: > 135g/l
  • EPA: >2% (of total fatty acids)
  • DHA: 17 +/- 2% (of total fatty acids)
  • Vitamin B-12: > 320µg/l
  • Container Volume: 20 litres
  • Cell Size: 3 – 6 micron

Rotifer Cultivation Plan

Suggested Rotifer Cultivation Plan
M = Morning – E = EveningS-Type RotiferTank Volume: 10TWater Temperature: 24°Celcius 
Typical Rotifer Analysis Table

Nutrition Composition