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Larval Feeds

OTOHIME Granulated Larval Fish Diet

This is a pemium Japanese manufactured larval fish diet. It is currently recognised as one of the world’s best larval finfish diets.

list Balanced Diet ideally suited to virtually any fin fish species

listAmazing Cleanliness with high shape retention in water

listContains a high percentage of Quality Krill Meal for better colour enhancement of fish larvae and higher attractiveness

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OTOHIME Extruded Pellet Post vaccine Diet for Lumpfish:

Premium Japanese made fish diet – recognised as world’s best for fin fish.

listHigh in vitamins and B Glucan for optimal fish health and immune resistance.

list"Low octane" formula with reduced protein/fat levels for controlled post vaccination growth

listHigh in krill for maximum attractiveness.

listSlow and uniform sinking rate.

listExtremely clean in tanks.

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ATLANTIC GOLD extruded pellet Larval Fish Diet:

This is specifically developed for the cleaner-fish sector in Europe particularly for Lumpfish and is an exciting development from Pacific Trading Aquaculture

listAtlantic Gold EP crumble series is an extruded product with high digestibility

listThe special extruded method enables high shape retention in water and can be efficiently fed to larvae

listContains astaxanthin for better colour enhancement

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